SaniTimer Handwashing Timer


  • SaniTimer is ideal for both training and daily use. Our recommendation is to use it on all taps where you want staff to be forced to slow down and take their time washing their hands.
  • Most kitchen and wait staff will rush washing their hands and fail to do it effectively. This is the ideal way to show them how long they should be washing their hands for.
  • The easiest way to teach students to wash their hands for 20 seconds is to actually show them how long it is.
SaniTimer® Handwashing Timer
Ensure staff are taking the time to effectively wash their hands. The LCD display automatically counts down when water starts running and an alarm sounds when the rinse cycle is completed. The 30 second timer leaves plenty of time for the user to pump soap, lather up, and finish washing and rinsing under the water to ensure 20 seconds of actual hand washing.
Since the timer is fully automated there is no need to touch it and so is the most hygenic timer available.

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Installing Instructions

Installation instructions for a sink faucet with external 55/64-27 thread:

  1. On the sink that you are installing this on, make sure the water faucets are turned off.
  2. Take the entire "Hand washing timer device" and all components out of its packaging.
  3. Remove the existing sink faucet aerator and rubber washer for the desired sink faucet.
  4. Attach and secure the SaniTimer to the sink faucet making sure the rubber gasket is in place between the faucet adaptor and the sink faucet thread. (See Diagram 1-1 on pg.5). DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN but fasten securely so no water leaks out and threading remains firmly intact. If needed. Use the supplied 22mm wrench to tighten.
  5. Make sure all components are wiped dry from any moisture or liquids before using.
  6. Place the "Health Code Ordinance for Hand-Washing" sign with in eye leve and arm's length from your hand washing sink. You can retrieve and then print the bi-lingual sign at www.sanitimer.com
  7. You should now turn on the sink faucet and the Sanitimer™ will activate and countdown automatically from 30 seconds. This will give the user enough time to rinse and wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before returning to work. When the water is shut off the timer will turn off and reset itself to 30 seconds for the next user.
  8. The SaniTimer™ will only activate when the water to the sink is turned on and it will turn off when the flow of water stops.
  9. Any disassembly of the device will void the product.